5D Technology Solving Real-World Problems

VELOCITY 5D is a geospatially accurate 3D digital twin platform for location intelligence in 5D, allowing organizations and communities to interpret the world around them.

We help bring context to your data, so you can focus on what matters.

What is VELOCITY 5D?

VELOCITY 5D (V5D) is a platform that provides ultimate flexibility to rapidly create, consume, or download geospatial 3D digital twins using a secure and scalable solution so you can simulate, collaborate, and make better decisions.

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Available in September 2022

Generate Digital Twins

By combining best-of-breed tools with next generation architecture, V5D provides breakthrough performance in geo-localized content management. From 2D to 3D, you can seamlessly transform diverse GIS data streams into rich, multispectral environments, complete with pattern of life, humans, crowds, traffic, interactions, and behaviors. The result is a digital twin that delivers more than area, space, and time – it delivers the fifth dimension: context.

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Buy Content On Demand

From continents and countries to cities and neighborhoods, V5D Content-On-Demand lets you select any size (or shape) area – but that’s just the start. You can then select which attributes or parameters you want to download – type of imagery, LOD, materials, vectors, lightmaps, hydrography, roads, vegetation, GS buildings, airports, and so much more.

Any Location. Any Size.

V5D's cloud infrastructure allows rapid digital twins creation at scale, enabling country-scale production in hours, not days/months. In addition, our MOSA (Modular Open Systems Approach) allows users to break the big problems into smaller ones. Open APIs allow Presagis to support the hundreds of third-party vendors that use our tools and a growing market that is increasingly asking for interoperability.